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Rio 2016 Olympics - Learning from the Experts

So today is the first day of the Olympic Regatta. We have already experienced so many amazing things, it's hard to know what to focus on - the fantastic organisation of the GB Rowing Team supporters group, our teeny-tiny hotel room (we are thinking cabin on the Orient Express-that glamourises it a bit!) the hospitality of the World Olympians Association or the wonderful vibe that Brazil is providing. I think what I want to focus on is the importance of being ready for anything. On arrival at the Friends and Family grandstand, all the seats were completely wet. Frances Houghton's mum Andrea who has supported her at all five of her Olympics came prepared with a towel....genius, all the seats were very quickly dry. It's always worth looking to the experienced parents to work out the form and gather valuable advice. As Peter is himself an Olympian, we were suddenly thrust into an interview with BBC Sport, Jack and Peter's journey here makes a great story. Peter was brilliant and thanked all the right people. Always worth thinking about this sort of situation before it happens because you can bet you will be put on the spot when you least expect it. By the time racing got to the women's singles, the lake was literally like the North Sea. When Rowing Ireland's Sunita Puspure raced, she actually had to stop rowing to paddle herself back into her lane. One of the men's pairs actually capsized! This would not be what any of these athletes were expecting, but every nation took it in their stride and ploughed on. True Olympic grit. And as for Jack Beaumont and the men's quad, they proved that they have adapted to their last minute change of crew. They put together a very respectable race and should take confidence from it through to Monday's repechage. We're now off to watch some hockey. Watch this space for more stories and insights into supporting a young athlete in the competition of their life.

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